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Jan 2015
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Jan 17 2015 15:17

I'm currently working on making all of the specs working (esspecialy Akka.Persistence.TestKit - it's would be necessary for 3rd party journals/snapshot stores adapters fro compatibility checks). At the present moment it looks like this (total - number of all tests ported, failing - how many of them still fails under current impl):

  • Akka.Persistence.TestKit - TestKit itself is tested with built-in implementations of Journal and SnapshotStore:
    • LocalSnapshotStoreSpec - total: 8, failing: 5
    • MemoryJournalSpec - total: 14, failing: 2
  • Akka.Persistence.Tests:
    • GuaranteedDeliveryCrashSpec - total: 1, failing: 1
    • GuaranteedDeliveryFailureSpec - total: 1, failing: 1
    • GuaranteedDeliverySpec: - total: 7, failing: 7
    • PersistentActorFailureSpec - total: 1, failing: 1
    • PersistentActorSpec - total: 31, failing: 4
    • PersistentViewSpec - total: 12, failing: 3
    • PersistentActorSpanshotSpec - total: 8, failing: 0

However I have found that most of the time failures are not caused by Akka.Persistence implementation, but rather by bugs in tests themself. Probably GuaranteedDelivery (aka. AtLeastOnceDelivery) is the one part, that is not yet working.

Bartosz Sypytkowski
Jan 17 2015 15:23
I don't know when I'll fix all of them, so that I can pull whole plugin to the upstream. Also these features are not yet compatible with F# API - since it's neither similar to Scala's way of doing thing nor Erlang's, I think that some design thoughts from people who use F# and have strong experience with eventsourcing in production would be appreciated.