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Jan 2015
Aaron Stannard
Jan 25 2015 20:11
published a new blog post today, trying to summarize how Akka.NET actors work for people who are totally new to the actor model:
anyone have any feedback on it before I try to promote it on Monday?
Roger Johansson
Jan 25 2015 20:48
some minor cosmetics.. the directive is called Stop, not Kill. and the actor lifecycle "Terminated" is the final stage, when it is permanetly dead so the last step is forked to either Terminated or restarting. atleast if we use the internal terminology of akka.
Aaron Stannard
Jan 25 2015 20:49
@rogeralsing yeah I had some trouble getting the diagram for that step of the life cycle to fork
@rogeralsing I'll see if I can fix that
Aaron Stannard
Jan 25 2015 21:18
@rogeralsing ok cool, updated that image and added a second one showing where all of the lifecycle methods (i.e. PreStart) get called during that process
I think @skotzko is working on fixing the formatting of the code samples - for some reason embedded gists look really weird on this layout