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Feb 2015
Roger Johansson
Feb 01 2015 09:44
@Aaronontheweb how tightly coupled is the remoting support to Helios? is it plugged by the transport layer ATM? or are we tighter with direct refs from the rest of the remoting infra?
I would love to see support for other libs aswell, e.g. supersocket and libuv.. it would help us expose where the default impl shine and where we have problems.
Feb 01 2015 17:00
@avoxm Thanks for sharing. It's looks very impressive plus it has SSL support built in. Not sure what its worth but I agree with @rogeralsing , @aaronontheweb the transport should be abstracted out. This type of flexibility made projects like nservicebus extremely popular
Roger Johansson
Feb 01 2015 17:15
@jcwrequests I had a look at it, the helios stuff is only in the helios transport, so it should be possible.