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Feb 2015
Andrew Skotzko
Feb 14 2015 02:47
@Horusiath @HCanber are there any links to your presentation slides or talks? I’m about to send out contributors meeting notes (sorry for delay, everybody) and would like to add them if possible.
Rodrigo Vidal
Feb 14 2015 02:49
@skotzko cool!
Andrew Skotzko
Feb 14 2015 02:49
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Feb 14 2015 08:34
@skotzko mine was in Polish, so I don't think it would be helpfull
Roger Johansson
Feb 14 2015 13:36
We should make an Akka service to dub movies in realtime :P
or MS already did that in skype..
Andrew Skotzko
Feb 14 2015 16:23
@rogeralsing that would be sweet.