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Feb 2015
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Feb 24 2015 08:42
@jcwrequests are you talking about Persistence plugin to EventStore?
btw. I think we should have some list of created / in progress Akka plugins with their maintainers list attached somewhere on pages
even those, which are developed indepently
Raymen Scholten
Feb 24 2015 10:02
Quick question, the wiki about the Scheduler says the scheduling time is inexact. What is "inexact" in this case? Seconds offset?
Roger Johansson
Feb 24 2015 10:22
It is scheduled on the default .NET threadpool, so it is as inexact as Task.Delay (which is used under the covers)
If there is a high load on the threadpool, the task might finish later than planned.. that is, there is no guarantee that it will execute exactly at the millisecond youd expect
Roger Johansson
Feb 24 2015 10:30
(The actual wording comes from the JVM docs, which has a different timer, so maybe we should change this on our side)
Raymen Scholten
Feb 24 2015 10:34
That is more than enough precision that I require :)
Feb 24 2015 12:25
@Horusiath not exactly but I suppose that once I get a working model together it could be used that way. Currently I use ES with my aggregates using the file system and SQL server which works but it does not scale easily. So I am stretching out the file system and SQL with Cassandra and putting
Resizable Pool Consistent Hash Router in front of that. If there is something that I can be of assistance with I would be happy to help.
Roger Johansson
Feb 24 2015 20:51
Aaron and Andrew, make sure the F# version uses the full F# api, seen a few posts lately that uses the C# api, in f#
Andrew Skotzko
Feb 24 2015 20:52
@rogeralsing @Aaronontheweb got it
got a link to one? will make sure we fix it