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Mar 2015
Natan Vivo
Mar 23 2015 09:30
@all, general question: in which cases Akka doesn't own the threads it uses for actors? And are these scenarios recommended for production or just for testing?
Roger Johansson
Mar 23 2015 09:59
By default we execute on the threadpool, so we don't own those threads.. we can also execute on the GUI thread with the synchronization context dispatcher if you want an actor that updates GUI elements. we dont own that thread either... then we have cases like the new threadpool, that can be used to give some actors a higher priority than the others, those threads are owned by whatever threadpool we use under the hood, but yes you could consider those owned threads I guess.. so we can execute ontop of whatever the current dispatcher decides to run the work on
but in short, akka never does anything to the threads, it just executes the mailbox run on whatever scheduling mechanism is there
Natan Vivo
Mar 23 2015 10:57
@rogeralsing got it. thanks!