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Mar 2015
Stefan Sedich
Mar 27 2015 09:16
just grabbed akka in action for my flight :)
working out how to get it onto this iPad I borrowed from work is half the battle.
Roger Johansson
Mar 27 2015 10:06
im using Voice Dream to read the ebook version out loud for me :) works like a charm
David Smith
Mar 27 2015 12:44
i'm looking at creating some kind of termination hook for actor system
jvm version uses the TerminationCallbacks class which is triggered off TerminationTask
I could do something similar but ActorSystem is disposable. Should I use that instead. I need the hooks to run before the system shuts down.
Andrew Skotzko
Mar 27 2015 20:00
@rogeralsing holy crap. Voice Dream is awesome. Thanks! I so need that.
Roger Johansson
Mar 27 2015 20:11
I bought a voice called Salli, sounds pretty good and works at speeds up to 220ish words per min
Andrew Skotzko
Mar 27 2015 22:28
the “James” voice by neospeech is pretty good