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Jun 2015
Jun 13 2015 01:36
This piece of code is from the Router example. My question is on ""akka://MySystem/user/Worker1"" #testing full path . What does this setting mean?
43 var config = ConfigurationFactory.ParseString(@"
44 routees.paths = [
45 ""akka://MySystem/user/Worker1"" #testing full path
46 user/Worker2
47 user/Worker3
48 user/Worker4
49 ]");
Aaron Stannard
Jun 13 2015 01:55
@varghesep that's an absolute local path to an actor
given that it uses the akka:// protocol at the front
the /user/Worker2 is an absolute path too, but it doesn't include any information about the protocol
but akka://MySystem/user/Worker1 and /user/Worker1 should be equivalent
so that's what that is testing
if MySystem is the name of the actor system, that is
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Jun 13 2015 17:31
sorry @michal-franc for a lack of response, but I've played W3 so hard that I forgot how to chat
I'm already talking about my issue with forki
Alexander Prooks
Jun 13 2015 18:46
@Horusiath is it possible to use test kit for actors written via FSharp.API?
Mark Monster
Jun 13 2015 19:01
@tstojecki did you already start with the WebApi example? I would like to see it to learn how I could introduce in my WebApi solution.
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Jun 13 2015 19:18
@aprooks yes, however there are some holes (i.e. if you define actor's through spawne)
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Jun 13 2015 19:37
ok, my F# API fork has been released :D
finally typed actor refs
Jun 13 2015 20:00
Trying to wrap my head around how clustering works.. :smile: If I have two nodes, NodeA with an ActorA ("/user/actora") & NodeB (”/user/actorb”) with an ActorB. NodeA is configured with itself as a seed node with role ”a" & NodeB is configured with NodeA as a seed node and as role ”b". Both ActorA & ActorB are set up to subscribe to the cluster’s MemberStatusChange events. What I’m seeing is that ActorB is getting MemberUp events, but ActorA isn’t... Other than that I was hoping that ActorA would be able to send messages to ActorB using System.ActorSelection(”/user/actorb”).Tell(..) but those are only delivered to DeadLetter. How can I send a message to ActorB from ActorA?
Alexander Prooks
Jun 13 2015 20:20
@Horusiath congrats on release :clap: