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Jun 2015
Roger Johansson
Jun 14 2015 07:31
@bruinbrown is there an early access program on manning for the book yet?
Jun 14 2015 12:18
@Aaronontheweb I was going through the PipeTo example and is a very good one. I have few questions and appreciate your feedback. (1) For every URL there is a FeedValidatorActor is being created. How this actor being destroyed and it's child actors too? (2) Isn't FeedParserActor really router? Is there any disadvantage with not using a router in this example? (3) When it comes to TPL, I always think about the performance. But in this example an actor is created for every URI so there are 100 actors if there are 100 URIs. Running all of them at the same time, in my opinion does not improve performance because it is IO. However the performance gain comes when the content is read and start processing. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
Alexander Prooks
Jun 14 2015 12:45 tests are working :smile: though some syntax sugar is needed
Anthony Brown
Jun 14 2015 16:45
@rogeralsing it's going out for review in the next few weeks, after that it should be up on Manning. There's been a few delays which have held it up