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Jun 2015
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Jun 27 2015 04:33
I think that Akka.Persistence.Sql.Common should reside in core repo, lets not mess responsibilities of persistence plugin repositories
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Jun 27 2015 05:05
@Aaronontheweb could you describe more #1101
as I understand, you want to include Akka.Persistence and Akka.TestKit.Xunit2 dependencies in Akka.Persistence.TestKit through nuget and not as project references, am I right?
Aaron Stannard
Jun 27 2015 22:56
This message was deleted
@Horusiath correct
basically we just need to update the build.fsx for the Akka.Persistence.TestKit
to include those as dependencies