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Aug 2015
Roger Johansson
Aug 15 2015 12:16
@Horusiath got Migrant down to 3 times slower than sent them a PR for that
if we can get it to twice as slow, I think we should give it a go
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Aug 15 2015 12:31
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Aug 15 2015 12:38
I'm finishing porting event adapters
Filippo Mariotti
Aug 15 2015 15:03
@stefansedich Hi, I'm trying to build on Mono (Mac OSX and Xamarin) and I have some trouble with some of the latest changes. The PREBUILDSTEP of Akka.MultiNodeTestRunner.csproj cannot run on my stack (it uses xcopy). Do I have any workaround there ? Thanks for the help
Anthony Brown
Aug 15 2015 18:16
@willieferguson I remember you saying you'd managed to get most of the replicator messages sorted to get around CLR and JVM generics differences, I've got almost everything else done, do you have a link to that anywhere?
Kamil Wojciechowski
Aug 15 2015 18:43
Question: i know that there is an inmemory journal store, but is it possible to also store snapshots in memory? I need it for my testing scenario.
I can not find snapshots on disk to remove them....
are they hidden or sth?
ok, found it - I can configure the snap dir
with hocon