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Aug 2015
Aug 26 2015 00:29
Anyone seen this error before? "Method not found: 'Void Akka.Actor.ActorSelection.Tell(System.Object)'
not sure what happened w/ my project, can't seem to tell anything anymore... very strange :)
Aug 26 2015 02:44
@jweimann ... that seems pretty bad -- I could be wrong -- but 1.) try restarting Visual Studio -- 2.) if that doesn't work, try pulling down the Nuget package again -- 3.) if that still doesn't work, create a new project and see if the issue persists (if it doesn't, compare the difference between your new project and your current one -- might reveal something.)
Roger Johansson
Aug 26 2015 05:35
@jweimann "Tell(object)" is an extension method, you need to use "using Akka.Actor" to get that. the "real" method" is "Tell(object,IActorRef sender)"
@jweimann or do you get a runtime error saying that?
Hyungho Ko
Aug 26 2015 09:01
Where could i get examples of GracefulStop?
but i want to get the completed example about GracefulStop.
Aug 26 2015 19:03
Is there a way to add/remove actors from a broadcast group at run time or do you always need to pass them via the constructor?
Pablo Castilla
Aug 26 2015 20:01
I know my bug what is about. If the constructor of the routee takes a long time to be executed the response doesn't work. (Yes, for me it also looks insane too)
it is strange, but it is clear in my eyes, if I initialize a list with little elements it works, if I put 100000 it doesn't
I will try to investigate a little more, maybe it is not about time and about memory. I am initializing a big list