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Nov 2015
Aaron Stannard
Nov 14 2015 00:10
upgrading our build servers to use VS2015
got those updates to take - uninstalling VS2013 now. This is the fun part where I figure out if there are some lookup paths still using the old compiler :)
going to add Code Contracts support next once this is done
C#6 updates should be :thumbsup:
Sean Gilliam
Nov 14 2015 01:20
Nov 14 2015 03:57
is there a reason the ebook is cost
but the bootamp is free
but the bootcamp you cant move through at your own pace
John Nicholas
Nov 14 2015 12:13
the bootcamp is on github also
Roger Johansson
Nov 14 2015 12:27
bootcamp details can be discussed here
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Nov 14 2015 18:44
@Aaronontheweb could you take a look at #1422 - I hope this will fix our CI issues
Nov 14 2015 20:51
will there be topics in the eventbus?
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Nov 14 2015 21:45
@Zetanova topics are part of Akka.Cluster.Tools, and this plugins is really close to be ready to release
Björn Ali Göransson
Nov 14 2015 22:07
We're making an open source .NET CMS (here) and one of the things on our explore list is "elastic clustering (?)" as in dynamically letting new server nodes join a cluster and taking care of concerns ... What components are required for solving this with Akka.NET?
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Nov 14 2015 22:27
@bjorn-ali-goransson not sure what you mean. Basically Akka.Cluster + some own code should be sufficient