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Nov 2015
Aaron Stannard
Nov 25 2015 03:43
DotNetty transport is looking good - errors out on shutdown at the moment due to a bug in DotNetty but I'm investigating that over there
passed the AkkaProtocolStressTest and the multi-node testkit thus far
Yin Zhang
Nov 25 2015 06:44
Hi guys, how do you add a supervisor strategy to router? In scala version, the FromConfig() has an extension method withSupervisorStrategy, I cant find it in akka .net?
Thomas Lazar
Nov 25 2015 07:02
@Aaronontheweb almost all my prod environments will be on-premise and honestly? i have yet to see a customer that has IPv6 rolled out internally. i know none of our current ones do.
Christian Sparre
Nov 25 2015 07:11
@Aaronontheweb we only have IPv4 at our hosting partner at the moment and probably won't be changing internally any time soon. But if it is configurable I don't see a problem.
Nov 25 2015 15:24
saw posts that a guy got most of running under coreclr
thats sounding phenomenal
the mono clr stuff for vnext seems like it will do for a while, so probably already runs there
Kunjan Dalal
Nov 25 2015 17:11
Is any checked Azure service fabric. It is giving me deja vu feeling of AKKA. But on first view I can say it doing so much scale dance under the hood? Any idea difference similarities? Or Akka already have good scalable deployment stories already ?
difference / similarities *
Nov 25 2015 18:09
seems like in the service fabric is similar, they have some form of actor service
Kunjan Dalal
Nov 25 2015 18:11
Yup... and they deployment story is quite good. At least in a first look...
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Nov 25 2015 18:19
@Aaronontheweb did you removed paket from dev?
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Nov 25 2015 18:29
@kunjee17 first of all Azure Service Fabric is more a ready product available only for Azure, than library of any kind. It brings it's own actor library, which is much closer (actually it's a fork) to Orleans than Akka.NET. When it comes to scalable deployment I believe you mean service discovery necessary for establishing/joining to a cluster - ASF have one build in, in Akka.NET it's up to you, you can plug what you want, including Azure Service Fabric discovery service itself.
is a good read on the differences between akka and orleans
although there are differences between orleans and ASF it might be a good start
Joshua Benjamin
Nov 25 2015 20:24
I'll be doing a docker cluster demo setup soon. With docker compose and docker networks it should be pretty simple now
Nov 25 2015 23:28
is it wrong to think that to some extent can do some of what you can achieve with service fabric
or totally different solutions for different problems