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Feb 2016
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Feb 07 2016 18:29
@garrardkitchen only current one, that terminated. We don't want to bring the whole cluster down for any reason
Eugéne Suter
Feb 07 2016 22:42

hi folks, I have a question regarding dead-letters with short-lived actors: I have an actor to handle a new event, which it will check for validity and if its invalid will notify subscribers and then call Context.Stop(Self).
the problem is that my logs are filling up with these messages:

[INFO][07/02/2016 22:35:32][Thread 0037][akka://Store/user/PurchaseManager/$c] Message Terminate from akka://Store/user/PurchaseManager/$c to akka://Store/user/PurchaseManager/$c was not delivered. 1 dead letters encountered.

is this something to worry about?
and how can I suppress these logs if its not critical?
Roger Johansson
Feb 07 2016 22:53
@easuter are you by any chance calling stop twice somehow?
looks like it have already been terminated and then it receives another terminate message which is deadlettered