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Feb 2016
Feb 18 2016 03:11
@Horusiath and @Aaronontheweb We found the root issues. behind the timeouts. We still have some tests failing.
Marc Piechura
Feb 18 2016 07:25
@tstojecki I have looked into the scala code, you should receive a CommandFailed message when the bind failed, so that is an issue on our implementation. Do you want to create a PR to fix that ?
Feb 18 2016 08:16
reading through stackoverlow update on their tech stack, have you guys considered Jil for serialization ? @Aaronontheweb @rogeralsing ?
Roger Johansson
Feb 18 2016 08:19
@voltcode i have looked at it, the thing is that speed is not the issue for us, rather polymorphism and substitutions which JIL dont support
Feb 18 2016 09:01
thanks to @profesor79 for discussion, would anyone else mind to chip in with their experience to ?
Feb 18 2016 10:44

thanks @Silv3rcircl3 for your input on this! I can take a stub at the PR

just so I don't spin my wheels on this for too long, perhaps I can get some input from people who have worked on this before on the right way to do it... do i wrap that in try - catch and send the CommandFailed message when it fails?

also noticed that it is wrapped in what appears to be a self-invoking function (lamba)? not sure what the intent behind it was and if it is something i need to consider when handling that

/cc: @Aaronontheweb @Horusiath @willieferguson

ibrahim dursun
Feb 18 2016 11:12
hi @Horusiath I have created a repository to show code that can produce my problem.
Maciek Jurkowski
Feb 18 2016 13:13
Hi, I play with Akka.Cluster.Sharding and I try now configure persistence to store my actors in one schema in DB, and shard coordinators to another. I've got one little success. I manage to store my actors to SQL Server and shard coordinators to sqlite. I did this by placing 2 sections 'sqlite' and 'sql-server' (exact names) in 'akka.persistence.journal' and 'akka.persistence.snapshot-store' and using this paths in akka.persistence.[journal or snapshot-store].plugin and 'akka.cluster.sharding.[journal or snapshot]-plugin-id', but any modification in this paths breaks my app. My experimantal configuration: . I notice some strange thing. If I use as plugin-id path 'akka.persistence.shard-journal.sql-server' which exists in my config file, my app would work but in fact it would be using akka.persistence.journal.sql-server. I assume that Akka.Persistence take only last part of path, but when I try to use 'shard-sql-server' for sharding plugin-id all actors simply end up in one place, given in akka.persistence.[journal or snapshot-store].plugin :/. Maybe someone have similar experience or some idea what I did wrong?
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Feb 18 2016 16:52
@jurek333 I'll try to figure out the source of a problem, but I'm not able to do so until end of this week. However you may try to create custom journal/snapshot-store inheriting from SqlServerJournal/SqlServerSnapshotStore, and try to add its fully qualified type name with assembly as a class parameter in one of the HOCON config sections, while keeping original SqlServerJournal/.. in the other. Maybe this will help.
Vagif Abilov
Feb 18 2016 18:45
Hi, we've been using Akka.NET with F# API, and with the project growing grow also our needs to test actor F# functions in isolation. With C# API it
... with C# API it's TestKit that does the job, but what is the most practical approach to test F# actors?
Maciek Jurkowski
Feb 18 2016 20:18
@Horusiath Thanks, good idea.
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Feb 18 2016 20:40
@object I've created a simple F# API for TestKit in my Akkling extension. It's basically single file, feel free to use it. It shouldn't take much work for make it Akka.FSharp compatible. Example usage.
Vagif Abilov
Feb 18 2016 21:21
@Horusiath thanks a lot! First thing for me to try at work tomorrow.