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Jun 2016
Jun 04 2016 03:08
@kevinmcfarlane Screenshot? Try to double click on the actor system to open it. Sometimes it reacts a bit slowly. Next check the network tab see if there is a request to the server for the child actors.
Jun 04 2016 03:21
@Horusiath I love that idea. It was in my plan to build such a visualize for messages but I don't know where exactly to start. I might look at that code. What I'm working now is an FSM monitor where you can declare your FSM for your actor and then you can monitor the state changes from outside if the actor is actually respecting those. It should make debugging of more complex actors easier.
@object yes, surely I'm open for collaboration. I just need a bit of time to publish this on GH
Jun 04 2016 04:07
Is there any intent to deprecate TypedActor?
Bart de Boer
Jun 04 2016 18:47
@cgstevens @Danthar in general, I feel that it's always better to use DateTimeOffset instead of DateTime. DateTime has the problem that 'local' is dependent on system, so doesn't work nice on any wire because local may change.
(DateTimeOffset doesn't have a 'kind' enum but just stores the exact offset from Utc. So 5:45Pm EST sent over any wire to europe, is still going to be 5:45 EST. Then you can ask it 'Local' and you'll have your 23:45 CET or so. )
Roger Johansson
Jun 04 2016 18:55
@Horusiath cool, but wouldnt it be better if we could have some sort of plugins that activate before/after adding messages to the mailbox
Arjen Smits
Jun 04 2016 19:06
@boekabart when using datetimes in a system. I always work with UTC. And translate to datetimeoffset with the user locale on the front end where needed.
Spares you from all kinds of problems.
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Jun 04 2016 19:39
@rogeralsing afaik we cannot inject custom code before adding a message to a mailbox
Roger Johansson
Jun 04 2016 19:40
but we could add such support, that would be a lot better than messing with the mailbox imo
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Jun 04 2016 19:41
yep, agree. But I'd like to hear a Lightbend vision on that too. It would be bad if we add our own API for that, which then might be incompatible with their design
actually inability to intercept message before sending is quite irritating sometimes
Roger Johansson
Jun 04 2016 19:46