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Aug 2016
Aug 06 2016 00:24
Like diamonds, an actor is forever.
The Petabridge blog has an article on "how to stop an actor"
Daniel Söderberg
Aug 06 2016 00:27
yes i've read it. but it dident tell me if I needed to stop my actors that I only do one thing once with
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Aug 06 2016 06:25
@raskolnikoov actors won't stop themselves if you don't specify them to do so (i.e. by combination of SetReceiveTimeout and stop self on ReceiveTimeout received). Also if you persisted some actor's state and want to clean it up, it's up to you to do so.
Arsene T. Gandote
Aug 06 2016 07:25
Hello gentlemen how can I use the Identify message?