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Aug 2016
Aug 07 2016 09:47
hmmm... using TestKit, is there a way to Expect more than one message? Would multiple .ExpectMsg<> work or could they pass even if there is only one message?
Or would multiple .ExpectMsg fail even if there are multiple messages?
Marc Piechura
Aug 07 2016 09:52
There is a method that takes multiple messages, don't know if it's an overload of ExpectMsg or if it's ExpectMsgs
Or you can use one of the ReceiveX methods
If you use 3 ExpectMsg calls the test will fail If only 2 arrive
Aug 07 2016 09:58
oh thanks :)
Aug 07 2016 17:45
OK, I cannot find the answer to this (pretty sure it's out there): when I become something else that will setup new Receive<> for messages A,B and C, will that stop previously set receives for OTHER messages (let's say D)? Or does it only change the handlers for those messages we explicitly set new Receive<> for?
Arjen Smits
Aug 07 2016 18:14
Yes it will
become overrides the current set of recieve handlers
So if your not handing message D anymore, it will be unhandeld
Aug 07 2016 19:28
Oh nice... That's what I expected, but couldn't find any example of that
Joshua Hall
Aug 07 2016 21:01
I have a question reagarding and persistence. When in a web project (WebApi) calling Tell() on an IActorRef that is a UntypedPersistentActor OnCommand does not get called. Taking the exact same code and changing it to an UntypedActor and changing OnCOmmand to OnReceive the message gets received. Is this intended or a bug / limitation of webapi that I am unaware of?
Also the same things work in console app