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Aug 2016
Aaron Stannard
Aug 16 2016 20:44
kind of fun doing most of my development work in Linux this week
working on getting Akka.NET certified for production use with Mono
most of that involves fixing our build process, but there are some definite issues like akkadotnet/ that need to be addressed
working on this because I assume having the infrastructure to test for Mono correctly will also pay dividends for doing .NET Core on Linux
build process will have many of the same issues on both runtimes
i.e. Windows-specific file paths, etc
and turnaround time for support on Mono will be much less than .NET Core - less work involved / things to port
want to give our folks looking to use Docker and Linux something to roll with straight away
Aug 16 2016 21:46
sounds awesome... with Linux, that might make Azure a viable platform :smile:
Aaron Stannard
Aug 16 2016 22:02
I started the design process for a line of business application for Petabridge last week
decided I wanted to give Docker and something like Mesos / Kubernetes a try even though it's probably overkill for this application
big reason for that is that Docker gives me much greater server density on Azure
which will save me $$$
Aug 16 2016 22:31
@Aaronontheweb why docker and not nano ?
Aaron Stannard
Aug 16 2016 23:06
Windows Server Nano?