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Sep 2016
Aaron Stannard
Sep 01 2016 01:54
@qwoz not sure yet - we'll see how things go!
Kris Schepers
Sep 01 2016 09:53
@Horusiath About the issue yesterday. The event only wrapped in akka evenlope, whould this also be the case when publishing the event on the akka eventstream?
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Sep 01 2016 10:38
@schepersk yes, it can be that case
Kris Schepers
Sep 01 2016 12:05
@Horusiath It seems that everything goes well untill "something" happens in the system. From that moment on, the messages of that particular type don't get disposed anymore.. Now we have to find this "something"
Kamil Wojciechowski
Sep 01 2016 12:28
Hi, Is akka coreclr ready ?
Ronnie Overby
Sep 01 2016 12:53
I'm porting some code over to The code had good support for cancellation via CancellationTokens to halt work in a responsive way that wouldn't hang the program. Is there a cancellation mechanism I can hook into in For example when processing a message is there some state on the Context or Context.System that tells me if Termination has been initiated? I haven't found anything.
For the most part I've refactored loops that check the CancellationToken on each iteration to code that passes a message to an actor's mailbox.
But some of the legacy code can't be so easily refactored and a cancellation token would still be best. I suppose I could just make the original cancellation token available to the actor's that need it. But I was wondering if there was a more idiomatic way.
Ronnie Overby
Sep 01 2016 13:48 hah oops
Maciek Misztal
Sep 01 2016 14:10
@jpierson ServiceFabric does not require .NET Core. It does support ASP.NET Core projects though. It's one of the supported SF project types. I have a talk about Akka.NET / ServiceFabric in early October as a part of AzureDay. I intend to demo it there - until then it's a work in progress. Finding issues as I go - recently diagnosed one with @Aaronontheweb
Marc Piechura
Sep 01 2016 14:47
@aph5nt Nop, you can follow the progress here akkadotnet/ or join the .Net Core room
Aaron Stannard
Sep 01 2016 18:13
@schepersk hmmm.... is it possible that this "something" happens when the shard coordinator moves onto a new node?
maybe we don't terminate the old one correctly and it ends up bucketing a bunch of undelivered messages?
Aaron Stannard
Sep 01 2016 18:42
@mmisztal1980 lol how is Microsoft only a bronze sponsor for a conference about their own product?
you'd think they would get the wallet out for that :p
or actually, maybe knowing them they're probably spending that money on audiences that aren't already beholden to MSFT
they dropped a ton of :money: on the Cassandra Summit last year
Maciek Misztal
Sep 01 2016 18:48
noticed that a while ago lol, guess we're not THAT important :D
Sep 01 2016 20:32
"Don't forget Poland!" - George Bush