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Sep 2016
Yin Zhang
Sep 08 2016 01:10
Hi all. I would like to have a bounded stash to cache incoming messages when the database is not available. Since the BoundedStash is not implemented, can I use the ICircularBuffer from Helios to achieve this instead of writing my own circular buffer? Or there is any other ways to do it?
Sep 08 2016 01:19
@mmisztal1980 From what could find Azure WebJobs don't support any protocol other than HTTP specifically and only over the typical ports. If you understand this differently I'd be interested.
Sep 08 2016 02:08
@mmisztal1980 How did you configure your LH to use both public & private IPs? I tried in helios to use the "public" ip ( and in hostname but I get errors
Dropping message [Akka.Actor.ActorSelectionMessage] for non-local recipient
Aaron Stannard
Sep 08 2016 02:54
@corneliutusnea need to use for hostname instead
since a public IP won't resolve to loopback
but all-addresses can catch it
Alex Michel
Sep 08 2016 18:39
I have a design question. Let's say I want to build a service that handles currency exchange rates.
I can get rates for €/$ and $/¥ and do some basic processing on them.
I also need to support calculated/synthetic rates for €/¥
So every time either €/$ or $/¥ update I need to recalculate €/¥
Another requirement is to support €/¥ also directly so I can decide in config if I get it from outside or calculate it as synthetic
I obviously need to process all prices in order so I will have a consistenthashpool of actors
Alex Michel
Sep 08 2016 18:49
Key is currency pair
But I am not sure how to make the routing correctly in case of synthetic pairs
Alex Michel
Sep 08 2016 18:54
Or should I simply call parent to recalculate and forward update message to correct child?
Alex Valuyskiy
Sep 08 2016 19:18
The first alpha version of Akka.Net on netstandard is ready. Just add a new myget feed and use it
Only Akka, Akka.Persistence (Sqlite) and Akka.TestKit modules are available at the moment
Sep 08 2016 20:21
Is there a way to talk to from nodeJs?
Arjen Smits
Sep 08 2016 21:19
@Vaccano not directly.
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Sep 08 2016 22:15
@Vaccano you've got akka.js, which can communicate with akka on JVM
Sep 08 2016 23:05
guys, is it possible (safe) to run an Akka cluster without Lighthouse? Just with the cluster nodes running inside Azure Web App ?
is there a different way to provide discovery and cluster election without a Lighthouse?
Sep 08 2016 23:49
i guess u need to know at least 1 ip address of one of the nodes