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Sep 2016
Sep 18 2016 01:30
Guys, anyone read about Pony? - seems to be Akka on steroids .. building a full language to model the akka actor system
Yin Zhang
Sep 18 2016 07:36
@corneliutusnea Pony is a nice language. Akka just part of the good things. Reference capabilities, compile time error check etc
Philip Laureano
Sep 18 2016 07:37
On that note, would it be possible to do something similar and pre-compile the dispatcher pipeline in Akka.NET?
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Sep 18 2016 08:16
@corneliutusnea Pony doesn't have any distributed story ;)
Sep 18 2016 22:42
@Horusiath not yet ;) I still love how they extracted the essence of actor model into a language