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Oct 2016
Oct 01 2016 00:29
@simonpetty you can take a look at the doc akka groupBy for more details
Oct 01 2016 14:28
Hello. I noticed that Akka.Persistence.SqlServer repo has 1.1.2 changes in there. Is there any reason the package is still at 1.1.1?
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Oct 01 2016 15:05
@anthonyhawes there is a PR for v1.1.2 just nobody has merged and released it
Oct 01 2016 15:23
@Horusiath OK. I appreciate that maintainers have lots of stuff going on. Thanks for the reply
Maciek Misztal
Oct 01 2016 18:36
can anyone point me to the benchmark results of akka?
Andrey Leskov
Oct 01 2016 22:35
Hi guys, I'm trying to persist my domain events by Akka.Persistence with custom json serializer, but keep Wire for network message passing.
I'm using approach from docs:
Need to pass some parameters to serializer instance, and can't get it by ActorSystem.Serialization.FindSerializerForType(typeof(DomainEvent))
How should I pass parameters to serializer in such case?
Andrey Leskov
Oct 01 2016 23:25
It looks like I've treated docs.persistence from link above like configuration part and not example type ))