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Oct 2016
Nicola Atorino
Oct 06 2016 12:10
Good day everyone! I started working on akka a little time ago, and I'm here for a question regarding snapshot and serialization.
I am working with the AtLeastOnceDeliveryReceiveActor, and i need to serialize my own state object toghether with the AtLeastOnceDeliverySnapshot. The documentation of the object itself says that this is possible by wrapping the object itself in another one containing my custom state, and that the AtLeastOnceDeliverySnapshot should be serialized as a blob and stored in the state object for later retrieval. The problem is that the AtLeastOnceDeliverySnapshot is not marked as serializable so I cannot use the .net binaryformatter. Any Idea how to overcome this ?
Vagif Abilov
Oct 06 2016 12:24
TWIMC: Had to lock Akka.Persistence.Sql.Common version to 1.1.1, the newest one (1.1.2) wasn't compatible with Akka.Persistence.SqlServer that is not yet updated to 1.1.2.
Andrew Buttigieg
Oct 06 2016 14:06
Hi all, bit of a question regarding TestKit. I have written a number of unit tests against several of actors in a project. Now all of these tests have ExpectNoMsg(); with everything set to default. This means that the tests are run sequentially and take 3 seconds each. With five tests, the test runner is taking 20 seconds, is there a way to parallelise the execution of these tests?
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Oct 06 2016 17:07
@NicolaAtorino the best option is not to use binary formatter - it's one of the slowest serializers you can imagine on .net
@object afaik akka.persistence.sqlserver PR for upgrade to v1.1.2 is merged to /dev, just not released yet
@andrewbuttigieg this depends on the test runner you're using. Xunit v2+ should have parallel builds by default
Andrew Young
Oct 06 2016 20:05
does anyone know how to setup a broadcast group to send messages to actors that have a remote actor path? the path is like akka://clooster/remote/akka.tcp/clooster@
Andrew Buttigieg
Oct 06 2016 20:46
@Horusiath I am using NUnit 2x.
So maybe a setting from NUnit itself?
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Oct 06 2016 20:53
@andrewbuttigieg I haven't used NUnit for a while. Nonetheless it's more matter of test runner than akka testkit itself
Andrew Young
Oct 06 2016 21:06
@Horusiath know anything about my remote path question above?
Andrey Leskov
Oct 06 2016 21:59
@Horusiath does it mean that Akka.Persistence.SqlServer 1.1.2 is availalbe in nighly builds ?