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Oct 2016
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Oct 26 2016 07:54
@Jared314 there are no "resumable" queries, you either can query once (get a current state of events) or create live query, which will push events into stream as they arrive (or by periodic pooling if db doesn't have native support for subscriptions)
Juan José De Arana
Oct 26 2016 07:56
@Horusiath wow, what can I say, thank you so much for such a detailed answer.
Oct 26 2016 09:23
Hi Guys. I want to host microservices in Azure Cloud Services using Cluster. Right now I am struggling with the seed service, since assigning a fix internal IP Adress is not supporte by azure right now. Therefore other services cannot find the Seed in the VNET in order to communicate with each other. Has anyone of you faced the same problem and a workaround for this? Running the services in a VM is not an option (unfortunately).
Peter Bergman
Oct 26 2016 09:26
I would not recommend Azure Cloud Services for things that need to be stable (like the seed nodes). We use it but only for a small part of the cluster that integrates with ASP.NET so that we can receive HTTP requests. The seed nodes (as well as most of the other services) are hosted on stand alone VMs that are on the same subnet (through an Azure VNET) as the Cloud Service
Oct 26 2016 09:28
@peter-bannerflow Thanks. Did you experience stability Issues with Azure Cloud Services using Akka.NET?
Peter Bergman
Oct 26 2016 09:31
Yes, they keep going back and forth between some idle state. Also, I found it hard to work with the deployment model used in cloud services. I didn't understand how to handle updates of individual roles separately. It would have been nice if it worked better since I really didn't want to manage old school VMs on my own but for now thats what I have to live with
Peter Bergman
Oct 26 2016 09:39
I know other people here have been working with Azure Service Fabric to host an Akka.Cluster (there has been some dicussion about it recently), I've looked into that as well but I really didn't like their API and application model so I dropped that for now.
Oct 26 2016 09:41
I noticed that Microsoft offer their own actor API in Azure Service Fabric. Maybe this would be an option.
Juan José De Arana
Oct 26 2016 09:44
@ollivogel: @Horusiath replied to one question I've made where I was asking about differences between Service Fabric Actor Model Vs Akka.NET. :point_up: October 25, 2016 4:08 PM
Nicola Atorino
Oct 26 2016 09:46
Hi Everyone. A quick question : is it possible to have more than one singleton actor in an actor system ? I want two actors to act as singleton in my cluster, but the Hocon Configuration akka.cluster.singleton seems to not accept an array, so i cannot configure two actors as singleton. Is there a way?
Francis Paulin
Oct 26 2016 10:51
Is it possible to define a SupervisorStrategy for top level actors?
Oct 26 2016 10:57
If a supervisor strategy returns Directive.Restart in response to a failed child actor, how does the child actor get reconstructed? For example, if it was created using Context.ActorOf(Props.Create(() => new ChildActor(stuff, moreStuff, yetMoreStuff))) -- the docs say a restart directive will "Restart the subordinate, clearing out its accumulated internal state" -- is the "accumulated internal state" only the Akka-level stuff, and not private variables used to store data passed into the constructor, for example?
Daniel Söderberg
Oct 26 2016 11:25
@Danthar new version with Tests for Akka.Persistence.RavenDB
Marc Piechura
Oct 26 2016 11:45
@qwoz on restart a new instance will be created via the func that you have provided via Props
Arjen Smits
Oct 26 2016 12:43
awesome @raskolnikoov :+1:
Vagif Abilov
Oct 26 2016 15:47
@qwoz This is why it's important to make stuff, moreStuff and yetMoreStuff serializable, so they can be reused multiple times at different times in case of actor restart.
Andrew Young
Oct 26 2016 17:03
Is it an OK practice to store an IActorRef in a public static property?
Damian Reeves
Oct 26 2016 17:26
@paulinfrancis Last week you posted an extension method for getting Akka config from a Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.IConfiguration. I had issues with arrays with that extension, but you inspired me to write my own:
Francis Paulin
Oct 26 2016 17:31
Nice :) Fun to see other implementations!
Oct 26 2016 17:50
Thanks @Silv3rcircl3 @object -- very cool. Makes sense that the anonymous function would stick around and get called in the event of a restart.
Marc Piechura
Oct 26 2016 17:51
@ayoung sure, but you have of course the same problems as with any other static reference in terms of testability, ...
Christian Duhard
Oct 26 2016 18:01
Is it expected that the Scheduler keep firing after the actor in which it was defined is stopped?
Oct 26 2016 18:16
Is there any brazilian in here?