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Dec 2016
Arjen Smits
Dec 01 2016 08:48 UTC
@gwoody1984 not out of the box no
But you could write an actor that asks the cluster pool router for its routees on an scheduled interval, and monitor it like that
Greg Woodbury
Dec 01 2016 11:39 UTC
Thanks, @Danthar ! I'll work through something like that :smile:
Dec 01 2016 13:12 UTC
Any idea on when the .NetCore release will be out?
Also can I use Akka.Net 1.5?
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Dec 01 2016 13:55 UTC
@Tochemey I wouldn't expect .net core this year (fortunately we have December)
regarding v1.5 you may try, but it's highly experimental and lot of things may fail
Michael McKay
Dec 01 2016 21:58 UTC
Hey all, having read the roadmap here:
I'm just wondering if the SSL support has been added for remote?