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Dec 2016
Dec 14 2016 08:01 UTC
@Horusiath looked at your gist, deleting confirmed persisted messages frees up my memory... thanks ;)
Chris Ochs
Dec 14 2016 22:33 UTC
question on blocking operations inside actors, and the advantages of using PipeTo in the case where it's actually ok to block from the logical perspective, the design is such that no messages you care about will be backed up. My main concern here is if the way manages actors and thread pools, if there is some reason to not just block in the actor and use Task with PipeTo instead
Example. A game where we startup a number of service actors per client. Like one to manage guild requests, another for account managment, etc.. And only one request per actor can even be outstanding by design. So PipeTo just complicates things here. But what bad could happen with akka having say 500 actors that are all blocking for short time periods, for short db queries
Aaron Stannard
Dec 14 2016 23:16 UTC
@gamemachine if blocking is the right thing to do
I.E. request response
I'd use async await inside the actor
that will avoid blocking the thread
but also will prevent the actor from processing any other messages until that async state machine completes