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Dec 2016
Aaron Stannard
Dec 22 2016 00:31
looks like we need to be ignoring *project.json.lock files in our .gitignore files
those things are a nuisance
Aaron Stannard
Dec 22 2016 00:39
@belenmorenate answered your question on SO and submitted #2424 to test if this is an issue. Looks like DistributedPubSub will work fine under the case you outlined, but you have to make sure that the TestKit actor system is configured to use the ClusterActorRefProvider via HOCON configuration
showed a sample on the SO post
Alex Michel
Dec 22 2016 07:19
@Horusiath found it thanks - CoordinatorSingletonManagerName
Dec 22 2016 08:09
@Aaronontheweb It works, thanks!