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Dec 2016
Hyungho Ko
Dec 27 2016 05:49
@Horusiath Thank you for your time and consideration
Dec 27 2016 17:04

As a part of changing our application from a giant monolith to a mic We are developing a Notification micro-service that can be used by all the other modules for sending notifications like Email, SMS , Push Notifications etc.

One client of this notification service is windows service that we are planning to develop , which triggers email notifications for various events like User Registration , Password Reset etc . The windows service will have a 2 parts

A REST based API that can be called by modules like User Registration to trigger the notifications. When the ReST API is called , this service will load the appropriate template , fill in the necessary values and call the notification service to send the email. In case the api call fails ,the details of the notifications shall be sent to a back ground task, which will retry the action for a fixed number of times before giving up and raising an error
The background task which will which will retry the action for a fixed number of times for sending the notification before giving up and raising an error
Our initial plan was to use a queue to communicate between the two parts. The flow will be like this

Client --> ReST API --> load Template and Fill Values -> Call Notification Service --> Add the message to Queue (In case Notification fails) --> back ground task pulls the message of the queue --> retries action --> Mark the notification as failed in case maximum retries have failed (which will be taken up manually

Instead of using a Queue, another approach is to use persistent AKKA.NET actors for doing this, since AKKA.NET supports Mail box but have not found any similiar use cases... Are we on the right path if we choose Please sent ur comments

Arsene T. Gandote
Dec 27 2016 19:28
Hello I have put up a quick sample repo for AkkaStream . I would like you guys look at it and advice me. I am very very new to Akka Streams and the whole reactive streams stuff. Thank you