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Jan 2017
Jan 01 2017 14:30
Jan 01 2017 14:35

Hi All, I am new in I want some feedback. my project is a surveillance camera.
my two principal task are: 1- capture video from camera and save io and 2- show real time video in web page
is ideal (actormodel) for both task? vs traditional concurrecy-multithread

thanks very much

Arjen Smits
Jan 01 2017 17:22
I think it would be very usable on "the-system' side. However its not ideal for communication across the open internet, since its more designed to operate in networks you have control over.
@mclark1129 No its not. Each actor has one unique path/address.
However what you can do is let the room be aware of the users its currently holding
and use it as a proxy. So if you want to send a message to an specific user in the room. Send it to the Room actor.
and let it figure out how to handle it
Its a better design anyway, since clientside, you dont want to be aware of where each user is all the time. Let the Room actors / system handle that.
@gamemachine you need to tell the cluster you are leaving the cluster, wait for ack, and then you can stop the actorsystem
there is an convenience method to do that all in one go.
well almost all in one go, it does not stop the actor system.
But i forget what the method is.
Arjen Smits
Jan 01 2017 17:30
I think its on the cluster-extension. See:
Something like LeaveAsync or something
@knorrus I think clustering uses protobuff for its messages, basically all gossip messages are serialized with that afaik. Setting the serialization-binding like specified in the akka serialization docs does not change that.
Arjen Smits
Jan 01 2017 17:37
@jlopez2205_twitter to add some context to my answer: You could use remoting to communicate between your ip-camera client on the clients network, and your own system. However currently ssl/tls is not support (coming in 1.5) and if you need to punch holes in firewalls. You probably need some kind of http gateway/proxy to relay your messages.
I know some people have done things like that, but im not sure of the work involved.
Jan 01 2017 17:40
thanks very much @Danthar , I continue researching.