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Feb 2017
Aaron Stannard
Feb 03 2017 00:34
@_kiwi78_twitter you can still create a razor thin actor system in ASP.NET
and pipe data to a cluster over Akka.Remote
you just want to avoid keeping stateful actors inside your web apps is all
wrote about this in some detail here:
Kris Schepers
Feb 03 2017 06:59
@Danthar In deed, fairly good beginner session by Info Support..
@Danthar We should have a quick chat if we bump into each other :-)
Arjen Smits
Feb 03 2017 08:21
Sure thing!. We will be in the keynote. And the playing with projections session after that
Arjen Smits
Feb 03 2017 08:27
The beginner session. Was by Edwin van wijk right?. Saw that on techdays last year.
Maxim Cherednik
Feb 03 2017 08:36
hi @Danthar, trying to solve some strange issue with logging. Just need some extra hints what and how to check. For some reason logging is not working on the web node. Config is the same as on windows service. Logging itself is working outside of the akka code. Any hints?
Chutipong Roobklom
Feb 03 2017 08:43
Hi I am M , from Bangkok
Maxim Cherednik
Feb 03 2017 09:16
found it - bindingRedirection :(
Arjen Smits
Feb 03 2017 09:35
@schepersk. We are in the middle of the pit downstairs
Jakub Čermák
Feb 03 2017 09:45
hi. I've a question about and I can't find the answer anywhere. I'd like to use akka cluster with priority mailbox. Is it possible? The cluster works as expected (without the mailbox), and the priority mailbox works fine locally. But when I try to deploy nonlocal routee actors with my custom priority mailbox, the messages are not processed regarging to their priorities. Can you help me please? Is there any example?
Arsene T. Gandote
Feb 03 2017 12:59
What is the best way to call an async method in the AroundPreStart method?
Can just do async method().configureAwait(false);?
If so is there any side effect since the method is returning void?
Natan Vivo
Feb 03 2017 14:55
@Tochemey you could cal .Wait() on any task, but it wouldn't be a good idea. if you need async initialization, I suggest doing in a message
@Tochemey whenever I need to do some async work before getting the actor ready, I do something like:
Constructor() {
    Self.Tell(new Initialize());

    ReceiveAsync<Initialize>(async _ => {
        await Whatever();

void Ready() {
Rahul Singh
Feb 03 2017 16:30
anyone know of a good reference application that leverages akka (scala) and on dotnetcore .. with or without an intermediary queue engine like rabbitmq
Aaron Stannard
Feb 03 2017 16:43
@jakubcermak yep, you can do both
but the priority mailbox works only for specific actors
but it sounds like remote deployment with a custom mailbox is not working? am I correct in understanding that?
if so, could you please open up a Github issue for that? should be easy for us to test if that's the case
might be an issue with the fully qualified name of the mailbox not being passed through correctly
also: the binary that defines the custom mailbox is present on both the deployer and the deployee , right?
and the mailbox is registered with the same name on both the deployer and deployee's HOCON too?
Ismael Hamed
Feb 03 2017 19:46
Is there anything like the Command Line Management available to manage a cluster in Akka.NET?