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Feb 2017
Martin Helmer
Feb 09 2017 15:27
Hi. I want to use the senders IActorRef as name for a newly spawned actor. Is there a utility function which gives me a actor name friendly representation of an IActorRef?
Martin Helmer
Feb 09 2017 15:53
I found it ... Uri.EscapeDataString(name);
Scott Nimrod
Feb 09 2017 17:35
Can someone help me understand when I should rely on a mailbox as a parameter versus relying on a message?
Damian Reeves
Feb 09 2017 21:37
Is there a good way through TestKit to verify that execution of a message results in a new ChildActor being created?
Ismael Hamed
Feb 09 2017 21:47
@Aaronontheweb maybe it's just me going thru too much scala code lately, but I can't stand the ReceiveActor anymore. Despite the (currently) very limited pattern matching :)