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Feb 2017
Maxim Salamatko
Feb 22 2017 06:30
@Aaronontheweb @ncthbrt done
Lutando Ngqakaza
Feb 22 2017 06:52
Sean Farrow
Feb 22 2017 12:04
What are the plans ofr upgrading the NuGet packages for v1.5, I not that xUnit 2.2 has been release and we're behind on other packages too.
Aaron Stannard
Feb 22 2017 14:55
@SeanFarrow we're going to be doing another minor version release before 1.5
where we introduce the DotNetty transport
as that's needed in order for us to be on .NET Standard, since Helios wasn't going to support it
as part of 1. 2 we're also looking at upgrading System.Collections.Immutable to 1.3.1
since we're on 1.1.36 right now
so that one for sure
Sean Farrow
Feb 22 2017 16:08
@aaronontheweb what about XUnit? Do you want me to look at doing the upgrade?