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Feb 2017
Aaron Stannard
Feb 27 2017 18:01
@HansVanderGucht the arguments for Props also get serialized
so they need to be serializable
in order to get deployed
Aaron Stannard
Feb 27 2017 19:01
@Tochemey hmmm
could you help me understand this better?
reading the same message type until a threshold is reached?
like the # of messages?
or some accumulated value from a property of those messages?
Feb 27 2017 20:01
Tried the simple cluster example. I m not sure what I m doing wrong; ran it on 3 different machines to make sure none of the anti-virus or any of those things are coming in the way.
same error on all 3 servers.
Aaron Stannard
Feb 27 2017 20:07
looks like hostname = error in configuration
change your configuration to
akka.remote.helios.tcp.public-hostname = localhost
akka.remote.helios.tcp.hostname =
that will decouple the logical listening address from the physical one
logical = localhost
physical = all addresses
Akka.Remote demands that all addressed messages match the logical address exactly
if the public-hostname address is not set
then physical = logical
Feb 27 2017 23:51
Thanks @Aaronontheweb the settings helped, I m able to run the sample. I m curious is there some place where I can lookup and learn a bit more about all the settings in HOCON, I saw some documentation on but wasn't able to find anything regarding something like "public-hostname".