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Apr 2017
Keith Nicholas
Apr 04 2017 02:01
Whats the best way to have an actor that periodically polls a resource until something interesting happens?
would I do it by ... Poll -> Sleep -> Self Message to Poll again
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Apr 04 2017 04:27
@keithn maybe not sleep, but simple Context.System.Scheduler.ScheduleTellRepeatedlyCancellable(initialDelay, interval, Self, Message, Self) should do the job
Keith Nicholas
Apr 04 2017 05:33
Apr 04 2017 14:47
so akka streams
would they be good for having connections sending a bunch of raw data as fast as they can
and secondly
do I have to have something running full framework connecting to streams?
or could I have a socket from other origins conenct to an endpoint that feeds a gob of data into streams
(thinking devices that dont run .net)
Apr 04 2017 20:33
are there any examples that I can compile and run for
I saw documentation that showed how to utilize it to some degree
but its def not compilable code
Apr 04 2017 20:51
brain fart on my part