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Apr 2017
Franky Ostyn
Apr 09 2017 07:52
thanks for your input, but maybe I'm not clear enough.
I know that I can use the NLog directly and that works, but that's not the point.
With NLog you can easily define more targets/rules. But if you define a 'common' target in NLog (with the <multiply-symbol>), NLog will write all log data from ANY target to that file.
And with Akka: if you want to use NLog with the Akka.NET system, you must define such a 'common' file name (with the <multiply-symbol>).
You can't use a dedicated file name for Akka only (which I would like to do). If you don't define such a 'common' file, Akka won't log anything.
What I have now, is a NLog.config file with 3 targets and one of them is such a 'common' file for Akka. The result is that all the logging data of the other 2 targets are also written to that Akka log file. And that's what I don't want.
Thanks for your time.