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Apr 2017
Arjen Smits
Apr 10 2017 13:02
@FOstyn I created a quick test app with the nlog logger
the current integration uses the logging source type name.
So you can define in your rules something like this:
    <!-- add your logging rules here -->

    <logger name="myappNamespace.MyTestActor" minlevel="Debug" writeTo="f" />

You can extend that ofcourse by utilizing namespace wildcards: myappnamespace.actors.*
Akka logs that come from the actor system system itself, can be redirected in a similar fashion.
you just need to find out what the logclass was
which you can quickly determine by changing the logging layout to include the targetted logger name
I expect you would see things like Akka. something
Ah yes
    <!-- add your logging rules here -->

    <logger name="netlogtest.TestActor" minlevel="Debug" writeTo="f" />
    <logger name="Akka.*" minlevel="Debug" writeTo="f" />

This works like a charm
Franky Ostyn
Apr 10 2017 13:41
That's it ! Never thought about to use the Akka.* namespace as a logger name.
I've looked at the NLogLogger.cs code, but I thought that 'LogClass' was an item which could be defined in HOCON. But this way is also great.
Thanks for all your time !
@Danthar Hartelijk bedankt ! :smile:
Jose Carlos Marquez
Apr 10 2017 13:48
is there any way of limiting who can be the cluster Leader (for example nodes with specific roles, or only Lighthouse(s))?
Arjen Smits
Apr 10 2017 13:53
@FOstyn Graag gedaan
Apr 10 2017 14:22
I saw above references to akka.streams and reactive streams RTM 1.2
is 1.2 out
or those things will be good when 1.2 rolls
Kevin McFarlane
Apr 10 2017 14:49

@FOstyn how about something like this?

<logger name="*" minlevel="Debug" writeTo="logfile1, logfile2" />

Thomas Tomanek
Apr 10 2017 15:49
hey all. The FSM I safe to use it? I.e. is the API stable or is it a barebones implementation and I can expect lots of breaking changes in the future?
Aaron Stannard
Apr 10 2017 15:50
it's stable, been in use for a few years
however, good shot that the way it's designed changes radically as part of C# 7 adoption
since all of the new language features there will make the thing much easier to use and understand
Franky Ostyn
Apr 10 2017 15:52
@kevinmcfarlane Thanks Kevin, but that isn't what I want. @Danthar gave me the correct solution.
Thomas Tomanek
Apr 10 2017 15:53
@Aaronontheweb ok cool thanks
Carey Free
Apr 10 2017 15:55
@FOstyn @Danthar Be careful on how you are getting a reference to a logger if you are using only "Akka.*" as you logger name. Context.System.Log will return a logger for Akka.Actor.Interal.ActorSystemImpl, but Logging.GetLogger() will return a logger for a name dependent upon the arguments you supply.
Marc Piechura
Apr 10 2017 16:01
@ronnyek Reactive.Streams RTM version is 1.0.2, with Akka 1.2 we will remove the beta flag from Akka.Streams
Apr 10 2017 22:04
@Silv3rcircl3 I appreciate it
but its all still a ways otu
Apr 10 2017 22:20
I think the thing I want to do with akka may be still a ways out
I got a bunch of machiens pumping sensor data out, I was hoping to have akka expose an endpoint and listen on tcp ports
and do clever things with that data
Keith Nicholas
Apr 10 2017 23:01
you can have actors handle that data
Apr 10 2017 23:18
I think the reactive streams and stuff are going to be great, but I got some no so great performance out of my tcplistener stuff
basically took that telnet example
tried to push it as best I could
I was only ever seeign it handle ~200bytes per second
and I could totally see that being my lack of experience