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Apr 2017
Ricky Blankenaufulland
Apr 21 2017 07:31
@gamemachine That's basically what Akka.NET Remoting does for my understanding. And add that point you are inside an actor an will still handle immutable message. Passing unchanged byte arrays is not a problem. Or you decide to break immutability - at least in C# you have this option also highly unrecommended. Have you taken a look at ?
Chris Ochs
Apr 21 2017 08:54
yep that's what I was referring to as trying a few years back. I was working on multiplayer games low latency 100k messages second type stuff and had to go back to using netty. At least at the time their implementation created a ton of garbage which killed performance
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Apr 21 2017 16:07
@gamemachine yep, current impl of on .net produces quite a lot of garbage. We're rewriting that part of API from scratch (it's already 2x faster and has lower GC pressure). I hope to introduce solution with full recycling of used byte arrays.
Edward Adjei
Apr 21 2017 22:39
am trying to use the and am getting the following errors. "Akka.Cluster.Tools.Singleton.ClusterSingletonManager: ClusterSingletonManager state change [Start -> Oldest] Akka.Cluster.Tools.Singleton.Uninitialized"
any suggestions?