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Jun 2017
Emily Parker
Jun 16 2017 06:27
Hello guys, I am newbie to Akka.Net but used Akka in Scala before. I am just wondering if Akka.Net supports for .net core and is it ready to be used in production with .net core? Thanks heap.
Arjen Smits
Jun 16 2017 06:44
@tinhtooaung .netcore support is being worked on atm. We plan to release that soonish. See the roadmap in the readme on github for more info.
Stephen Newman
Jun 16 2017 08:00
Hey guys, as part of akkadotnet/ @Aaronontheweb made a change such that TestProbes are now created within the System guardian which (following some package upgrades) is causing me some issues. I have some actor resolution test code that I use to make sure that failures to resolve and use of correct actor within an hierarchy is asserted by placing a TestProbe at a known location within the User guardian hierarchy. These tests are now failing and I don't see a way to allow me to place my TestProbes back where they were. Any ideas out there that can help me out please?
Yesh Nadella
Jun 16 2017 15:06
Has anyone used Google Protocol Buffers as the custom serializer? Did you run into any issues during schema evolution?
Aaron Stannard
Jun 16 2017 15:33
@goodisontoffee I'd be happy to help you
turns out it was a mistake to have test actors in the /user/ hierarchy in the first place
since they're supposed to be terminated AFTER all of the user-defined actors
@yeswanthnadella we've had some folks use their own custom protobufs
it has built-in version tolerance (forward-only IIRC) - but that depends on how you write your .proto files
Gregorius Soedharmo
Jun 16 2017 16:07
lol... porting test cases is so strenuously boring...
Marc Piechura
Jun 16 2017 16:14
@Arkatufus I feel you, we've >1000 tests for Akka.Streams ;-)
Gregorius Soedharmo
Jun 16 2017 16:18
i think csv alone have at least 100 tests XD
Jun 16 2017 19:07
Has anyone used DistributedPubSub with high frequency and a large number of topics? ~600 or so
Jun 16 2017 19:52
could we use a IObservable from RX as source for akka.streams ??
I'm searching a solution to read a websphere MQ , and use them with akka.streams
Marc Piechura
Jun 16 2017 20:59
@HansVanderGucht not yet directly, we haven't build a integration. What you could do instead is using something like Source.Queue and push items to it in the RX subscribe method
Or of course build a integration, I.e. you need to create a Reactive Strams IPublisher which can be used via Source.FromPublisher
We would be happy if someone would take that task ;-)
Jun 16 2017 21:02
tnx, the source.queue will help in my implementation