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Jun 2017
Natan Vivo
Jun 24 2017 01:12
Ok, so after some help from @Aaronontheweb I started debugging, and found out the culprit was using the wrong version of akka
A specific node didn't get the correct image for some reason
Lothar Behrens
Jun 24 2017 09:56
Hi, I am new to akka and due to contact at my day job I am also interested in it privately. First question: How secure is akka.tcp based remote communication?
Second question: How to integrate federaded identity and for example WS-Federation (WCF) or OAuth2 and OpenID Connect (REST)?
Stephen Newman
Jun 24 2017 10:44
@lollisoft Looks like makes it possible to leverage TLS if that will help you answer your first question, second question I am afraid I can't help with :)