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Aug 2017
Aug 06 2017 16:24
Hi Everyone,
Aug 06 2017 16:34
I am just getting started with Akka.Net, I want to use it to create micro services, which I'm also just getting started with as well. I've read that one of the best practices with micro services is have them be as isolated as possible. So don't shared anything between the services, such as code or data storage. uses classes/messages to communicate, so those class would need to be shared among all the services, which would introduce some form of coupling. I don't see how I can have a fully decoupled set of services using, unless i'm gonna pass a primitive datatype, such as a string (as json) and then deserialize it to objects in each service. but then I lose all the validation that a class would offer. What are my options to using to create a loosely coupled micro service architecture system?
Youenn Bouglouan
Aug 06 2017 18:18
Hi @NyronW , so if I understand correctly, you want to have several microservices being internally implemented as separate actor systems?
For instance, microservice A having its own ActorSystemA, microservice B having ActorSystemB, and so on?
If this is the case, you are free to use different message types for each internal actor system. The only things that would need to be shared are the messages that transfer data between the microservices themselves.