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Aug 2017
Carlos Torrecillas
Aug 07 2017 11:31
hi guys, is there any "obvious" reason why an actor could terminate a method (or finishes a message processing) when invoking an await Method(); ? I trying to figure that out but so far I had no luck. I call an I/O operation inside a Receive<RequestMessage> and I can't see any log line or anything going on, really weird. It just start processing the next message in the mailbox
I have used both Receive Async and PipeTo and both print when the message starts to be processed but nothing else
`private void Subscribed()
Logger.Debug($"{Self.Path.Name} node is ready");
        Receive<RequestMessage>(e => ProcessRequest(e));

        Receive<ResponseMessage>(p => SendResponseBack(p));

    private void ProcessRequest(RequestMessage requestMessage)
        Logger.Debug($"{Self.Path.Name} started request processing");

                              .ContinueWith(e => new ResponseMessage(e.Result), TaskContinuationOptions.AttachedToParent & TaskContinuationOptions.ExecuteSynchronously)
                              .PipeTo(Self, Context.Sender);

    private void SendResponseBack(ResponseMessage response)
        Context.Sender.Tell(response, Self);

        Logger.Debug($"{Self.Path.Name} finished request processing");
Carlos Torrecillas
Aug 07 2017 11:38
that's the code and I'm not entirely sure what am I doing wrong. The Subscribed method gets invoked when the node joins the cluster and I can see that happening. Then the started processing log line is also printed. But immediately after the next message starts. The operation should take 2 seconds so I should expect to see the "finished" at some point but I see nothing. Also there is nothing related to the logging printed by the dependency inside the method which makes me think that the ProcessAsync simply doesn't start
Carlos Torrecillas
Aug 07 2017 11:45
found that out. THe actual message content (Data) was null. It's all good now
you can ignore all of the above
Janusz Fijałkowski
Aug 07 2017 11:50
Figured out the problem I've had earlier. It seems Hyperion can't deserialize the Exception type. It actually made me realize I don't need to send the entire object just the error message and stack trace. Yay for lighter payloads.
Alex Valuyskiy
Aug 07 2017 12:28
@JohnnyTheAwesome Hyperion has limited support for serializing/deserializing exceptions. But the exceptions should have a default public parameterless constructor
And it does not support custom fields/properties inside exceptions
Janusz Fijałkowski
Aug 07 2017 14:04
@alexvaluyskiy Exception does indeed have a public parameterless constructor. However it's TargetSite field is of MethodBase type, which in turn has a protected constructor. Guess this might be it, however I didn't dig further once I've realized that jamming the entire Exception object in a message sent over the network isn't really something that I want to do.
Carlos Torrecillas
Aug 07 2017 14:14
Do you guys know of any issue when getting asking for the currentTopics? Once I have a publisher joining a cluster I need to send two messages to check that a specific topic is available to publish. I have added a retry mechanism but that doesn't help. I actually need to send two messages to that actor to make this to work
Carlos Torrecillas
Aug 07 2017 14:38
by setting the retries to be half a second it works - fyi
Robert Stiff
Aug 07 2017 21:03
hi there
i'm working with Cluster Sharding
I have the example working, but in my project, it is not distributing the work on to my other worker node
hmm, do I have to create a cluster sharding region on each worker?
hmm, i did that, now the work that was being done on my command node has moved to my worker node... and it's stopped executing on my command node