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Aug 2017
Robert Stiff
Aug 13 2017 01:03
i must admit, i have been using the 1.3.0 alpha recently, for the dotnet core support
didn't try hyperion though
still got the newtonsoft warning :)
Aug 13 2017 01:14
I need some advice on the best way to do this. I need to send a request from a front end web system (written in C# .net) to an actor ( This actor needs to grab some pdf files - process them - possibly transform them to JPG format and return them to my front end web system UI for display. Has anyone done any file processing/return that can offer some advice ? Some of the files can be large - 100+ page PDF for example.
Sean Farrow
Aug 13 2017 02:02
@EGirardi I have done something very similar, what are your reliability guarantees/SLAs? Also, is the web system and processing in the same process?