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Aug 2017
Aug 14 2017 00:26 UTC
@SeanFarrow The web system would be under IIS, i would assume the processing of the documents would happen in other VM's since we would not want to bog down the UI web server. As far as performance - for the smaller docs - 1-10 pages I would think it should be just a few seconds. I would implement some kink of logical cache - based on a last modified date to leave the previously generated JPGs on the drive and not perform an transformations on them again until a change is detected. The cached Jpgs can live for maybe 30 days - if no one accesses them for 30 days they are removed.
Aug 14 2017 07:07 UTC
Hello aside the WebCrawler I can see there is no step by step tutorial on Clustering. Please can someone point me to one that can help me out. I understand the whole concept of clustering however having a guidance help.
Aug 14 2017 11:15 UTC
Hi guys. Does Akka.Net.DI.Autofac support Dotnet Core?
I am actual new to Akka.Net. I am considering whether to use it for my new dotnet core application
Aug 14 2017 11:21 UTC
I am aware that Akka.Net now supports dotnet core.
Alex Valuyskiy
Aug 14 2017 11:28 UTC
@vicosoft4real Akka.DI.Autofac/Akka.Logger.Serilog and Akka.Persistence.Sql will be released with NetCore support as soon as possible
probably today
Aug 14 2017 11:32 UTC
@alexvaluyskiy Thanks for the message.
Aug 14 2017 15:50 UTC
When using the Join() method in Cluster Extension (Akka.Cluster.Cluster.Get(Context.System)), how should I create the address to pass as parameter (assuming I know the IP and actor system of other node in the cluster)?
Aaron Stannard
Aug 14 2017 15:51 UTC
Address.Parse the stringified address
and then pass in that address to the Join method
Aug 14 2017 15:52 UTC
Ok, and the stringified address should be the root of the actor system in the other node, or an specific actor?