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Sep 2017
Lutando Ngqakaza
Sep 03 2017 10:55

I am currently building an actor system in which certain actors subscribe to events via event stream, and they receive that event with a predicate filter so for example we have 10 thousand actors that subscribe to event MyEvent

//in MyActor.cs that is a derived from ReceiveActor
var MyLocation = "USA"; // this is actually an member of the actor but im putting it here for explanations sake
Context.System.EventStream.Subscribe(Self, typeof(MyEvent));
ReceiveAsync<MyEvent>(x => x.Location == MyLocation, LocationHandler)

is it bad design to do predicate filtering on events like this? what if we have 10000 instantiated MyActors in the actor system and only 5 of them are in the location "USA" does this mean that the other 9995 actors will get woken up to check if hey satisfy the predicate or not? is this style of dealing with messages/events ok?

Amri Hidayat
Sep 03 2017 11:05
I am cur
Currently working on persistence query journal for mysql. Was trying to deserialze the payload, but unable to do so
Especially when the payload has a decimal value. I am currently using newtonsoft serializer. Anyone could help on this?
Valdimar Thor
Sep 03 2017 15:24
Hi guys, I have question regarding DI and remote actors. Is it possible to have/use dependency injection on actors deployed remotly, and if so are there any examples how?
Maciek Misztal
Sep 03 2017 21:40
@Aaronontheweb I'm doing a minor lighthouse re-write so that I have it running under .net core, when I set the, should the SelfAddress of the lighthouse node be affected?