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Sep 2017
cyril andreichuk
Sep 04 2017 09:06
hi all. is there a way to close tcp connection by force in Akka.Remote?
Arjen Smits
Sep 04 2017 09:19
@Lutando yes. All actors subscribed that way will receive the message. And thus are woken up. Anything not adhering to the predicate, if they are not handled by other Receive statements in that actor, they will be marked as unhandled.
I would not recommend this style for high intensity workloads, since alot of actors will be woken up simply to discard the message they receive.
A better solution would be to have a more fine-grained pub-sub mechanism.
So you only publish messages to actors that are actually interested in it
Stephen Newman
Sep 04 2017 12:07

Hi everyone, I am seeing a strange exception...
[ERROR][04/09/2017 12:03:51][Thread 0007][akka://test/system/testActor105/process] You may only call Recover-methods when constructing the actor and inside Become().
Cause: System.InvalidOperationException: You may only call Recover-methods when constructing the actor and inside Become().
at Akka.Persistence.ReceivePersistentActor.EnsureMayConfigureRecoverHandlers()
at Akka.Persistence.ReceivePersistentActor.RecoverT
at AkkaPlayground.Actors.Process.Initialising() in C:\AkkaPlayground\Actors\Process.cs:line 81
at Akka.Persistence.ReceivePersistentActor.CreateNewHandler(Action configure)
at Akka.Persistence.ReceivePersistentActor.Become(Action configure)

Looking at the call stack it appears I am calling protected void Recover<T>(Action<T> handler, Predicate<T> shouldHandle = null); inside Become() so I don't understand what I'm doing wrong, or how to fix it.

Sep 04 2017 13:07