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Sep 2017
Sean Farrow
Sep 09 2017 01:28

Hi All,

Three quick persistence queries:
Firstly, I know it uses google protocol buffers, how does it handle serialization, I couldn't find the code. I've got a custom type that doesn't currently serialize with protobuff so was wondering whether this would still be handled.
Secondly, how can I stop and rehydrate an actor after a period of time, this is a process that is offline currently so could take some time.
Finally, can someone confirm that as long as the persistence id's are the same the actor hierarchy can be changed.

Alfredo Herrera
Sep 09 2017 03:01
@heynickc , thank you
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Sep 09 2017 14:52
@object I'm working on Akkling upgrade right now, but I run into some problems with Paket
Bartosz Sypytkowski
Sep 09 2017 14:58
@bobanco see akkadotnet/Akka.Persistence.SqlServer#81 - I've updated the batching PR for SqlServer. I think in your case the problem may be either in serializer initialization (using default-serializer key instead of serializer) or with connection string - .net core lack of support for ConfigurationManager caused some issues and if you're using connection-string-name it may be problematic.
Sep 09 2017 20:22
@Horusiath i have fixed the issue, problem was with the ctor of the mysql batching journal