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Sep 2017
Sep 24 2017 02:33 UTC
@mmisztal1980 I guess its not. I suggest creating new .net core project and moving files there. as far i remember there was an issue with quartz ver 2.x so I had to use alpha ver of 3.x
Question about remoting: I have a client server application. When client loses network connection then that system goes into quarantine (by default for 5 days!). I wanted to change that so I put prune-quarantine-marker-after = 60s on the server side. But it seems not to be working. adding the same setting on the client side did the job. The question is: should prune-quarantine-marker-after = 10s be set on client or on server or on both places?
Avi Levin
Sep 24 2017 03:35 UTC
If I was interested in message passing over, say, processes pinging a SQL server for new messages (instead of direct TCP communication), what layer of the stack would I need to write a custom implementation for (assuming it is even possible)?
Sep 24 2017 08:40 UTC
@Arithmomaniac i am pritty confident that no sql protocol is stateless and uses icmp or udp. All that i know are using tcp (or the OS spezial ones like namedpipe, pipes, sharedmemory,...)
but beside that u can allways warp on component like a sql client inside an actor and create some message type to execute the methodes