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Sep 2017
Sep 29 2017 00:06
Can someone help me with a "job watcher" actor? One actor is generating jobs , and then I the "job watcher actor" should make sure that jobs are being started within 10 seconds, and then alerts a manager, if any job is not completed within 10 minutes. Is this something that Rx.JS could be used with inside an actor? Or any other library that someone could recommend me? Thanks.
Sep 29 2017 02:18
@Aaronontheweb @object @pmbanka I was able to deserialize the snapshots correctly by specifying the serializer explicitly in the snapshot store config. This successfully got me through the last sequence number in the snapshots table. I have submitted an issue akkadotnet/
snapshot-store {
    plugin = "akka.persistence.snapshot-store.sqlite"
    sqlite {
        class = "Akka.Persistence.Sqlite.Snapshot.SqliteSnapshotStore, Akka.Persistence.Sqlite"
        auto-initialize = on
        table-name = "..."
        serializer = "TNW.Actors.Serialization.Serializer, TNW.Actors.Serialization"
        connection-string = "..."
Aaron Stannard
Sep 29 2017 14:54
thanks for logging this @kariem-ali
looks like you've done a lot of work on getting to the bottom of this!
Sep 29 2017 15:27
@Aaronontheweb Glad I could help in any way :)
Thomas Denoréaz
Sep 29 2017 15:36
@Horusiath Thanks a lot for the clarification, I also went through the source in order to understand exactly how it works. I have to note that the conf is missing from the doc. Would that be helpful if I'm making a PR to add the conf part to the doc?
Also, I have to say that the reference config is a huge help, might be good to have a link to it inside the Configuration section, no?
Arjen Smits
Sep 29 2017 15:50
@ThmX yes a PR would be a great help.
Vagif Abilov
Sep 29 2017 20:57
@kariem-ali AFAIK Pawel @pmbanka was working with this issue today with similar findings. Machines with Akka 1.2.3 and 1.3.1 serialized snapshots differently.